The first one ever… Straight outta 💓

I read it somewhere that every person you meet in your life has story along with it. The story might be a short story or sometimes people you meet match up with your frequency. No matter how alike or apart are your professions it’s all about the “click”.

You become an aquaintance and slowly start hanging out together. And before you know it you are already aware of small little things rather peculiar behavioural traits of each other. Slumber party , pub hopping ,short trips, impromptu plans and plans which are made to be cancelled at last minute become regular affairs. 🙂

In the fall of 2017 that’s how I met a guy who I knew through a common friend and when you work in a beautiful place like nainital you are sure to have lots of visitors. So this guy decided to give a visit and relive the memories of this place as he had also spent considerable time in nainital.

He is known for his crazy freak driving and believes in impromptu plans which are always supported by his white santro…yes santro his ❤️. He set course from national capital along with one of his buddies for nainital. After a straight driving with I am sure just one break to have delicious parathas , yes he is crazy about parathas also he reached in night to my place around ten-ish. I rushed out to welcome as I was looking forward to this weekend since this place has no good company of my age. His friend came out of the car and my friend introduced me to him.

After exchanging the formal hi hello… We started partying right away. 😎 The stories began and time just flew and before we knew it we were all happy high. There is this swing in my courtyard which all of a sudden I remembered and I took them to that place. Somehow we managed to fit in that swing all three of us… Hehe. I still remember the songs we were listening and my friend who was earlier working here was having strokes of nostalgia every now and then remembering his good old times.

The favorite stroke of all was when he used my washroom. He came out and he remembered all the good ( 😉 ) times he had spent there. As the room I was staying in used to be his room once upon a time. And his buddy who had come along with him was just mesmerized by the beauty. He was high on mountain vibes , solace this place was offering and obviously who doesn’t like a change of place that to when place is in lapse of nature.

We decided to call it off when I almost passed out and slept off. Next morning or should I say almost afternoon when the sun was right on our head we woke up feeling damn hungry. I guess menu was pre decided last night when we got to know the crazy stories of these two friends and how their friendship bond grew strong over those drives to murthal from Delhi just to have famous and delicious parathas. More on the “murthal saga” later, anyway we ordered parathas dripping in butter and satiated our hunger. Then we headed out in my i20 ❤️ to nainital lake.

My friend’s buddy had recently taken new phone and was leaving no stone unturned to flaunt his new phone One plus 5. Of course, ” if you’ve got it , you should flaunt it” I believe in the same mantra. And I was ready to pose as always 🙂

We had a lovely evening and then these guys headed back to Delhi. Little did we know it’s not going to be just one time affair visiting nainital and may be over those chai and gupshup , over those series of beer cans and finger licking parathas we just “clicked”. And it opened the way to many more such evenings together, surprise visits and meeting to one more utterly butterly sweetie pie gal (more on her too later).

Yeah , that one visit of my aquaintance to nainital with his buddy to a group of insanely “crazy 4” now gave us lots of stories and crazy nights to remember and many more crazy trips to be planned and executed.

I am a kind of person who would love to spend entire day with people with whom you can be your absolute self. And these guys are just like those crazy a**es . I love them and always look out to be heading to spend time with them or lure them into coming to nainital with my puppy face. 🙂

To be continued…


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