Sticking to the drumroll..!

To all the fellas a very happy new year. 🙂

Two weeks already gone in 2k18. Most of the resolutions made by people must have already been broken by now. Hitting the gym, never touching the cigarette again in one category and not trusting the guys and being away from drama in the other category…to name a few. Thousands such resolutions and thousands of new dreams in pipeline. 💞

Some are looking forward to the new things the year will bring, some are hoping that this year will be a good kickstart for their career, some are waiting for a miracle or cupid rather💘 and some waiting to travel to new places with their friends and explore the world out there.

Well whatever it is that you are looking forward to , take the plunge ,take that step and things would fall into right place if luck is in your favor and this holds good and true as far as the career and trying something new is concerned. But talking about the cupid to strike!!..Hold on fellas…No ! no hurry in this.. well ya.. you heard it just right.

It sounds exciting when you meet someone new , you like their company they make you laugh 🙂 or may be you already are friends and over last few months you have developed a mini crush on that friend of yours. Haha butterflies already isn’t? Hold on because “haste makes waste”.

We underestimate the importance of waiting and just do whatever out gut feeling says or sometimes you tipsy talk and take the decision. The decision of going for that long lingering KISS.

And it’s not long lingering because you have had moments before , it’s long lingering because it’s been exchanged between the eyes a thousand times before it reaches lips. Or may be it feels that way because it was at the same moment when both of you felt like kissing each other. So what to do ? To kiss or to just wait till the time moment passes away silently… Oh what the hell ! Why to think that much? Just act on the gut and go for it. And the kiss happens…!

Kissing someone is like the end of drumroll beating. But we often fail to realize that we should sometimes stick to the drumroll and not let it end . We should trust the magic of waiting..waiting while the drum rolls! Because the best thing about the kiss is the moment leading up to it. The moment when your lips are so close that you can feel each other’s breath ,when your lips are about to touch each other… Right there , that’s the best part about kiss ! Once the kiss happens drum roll ends.. everything is changed. Whether it had changed for good or bad that’s one part which you have to deal with. The other being the awkwardness between you guys. Risk it if you are sure that it ain’t going to turn awkward. However if you feel that things are uncertain..well then trust the magic and Goosebumps of uncertainty….

for once “Lets stick to the drumroll” 😉

Happy weekend . #YOLO #BOOM18 #GOODVIBESONLY


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